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Tips on Speccing Medium Duty Truck Purchases in Australia

When it comes to speccing your medium duty trucks for your business and Australian terrain, your main considerations should include the truck’s operating environment, the size of the load that you are planning to haul as well as your annual mileage. There are other factors that will come into play such as the skills sets of your drivers or even the standard features in the cab but many fleet operators generally regard these as the softer factors.
medium duty trucks
You need to have a lot of information regarding your truck requirements on your finger tips as the trucks salesperson will ask you lots of questions about your needs. This will dictate the type of truck that they will specify for you including the truck engine, cab style, body type, fuel type as well as the truck transmission. Truck salespeople generally rely on the information that you provide them in order to understand your application and gain insight into the kind of truck that you need. While the initial price of medium duty trucks may be slightly higher, you will be more than able to make up for this through the lifecycle cost of the truck. A reliable medium-duty truck such as the UD medium duty trucks will only be beginning their “sunset” years past 500,000 miles and many of these will last for a very long time.
What is the Operating Environment of the Truck?
This is an important consideration when you are planning to purchase a medium-duty truck. For example, are you planning to operate the truck in the country, the suburbs or the city? Will you be making many stops in some of the tightest spots such as busy streets or parking lots? Is your terrain of operation flat or hilly?
In the city, for example, you will need better maneuverability so a longer truck might not be very practical. If you will be doing highway hauling with very few stops, then it is better to have a larger wheelbase so that you can carry more freight. For residential and narrow city streets, you would be better off with the cab-over trucks since they will offer you better visibility, ease of operation and good maneuverability.
What is the Payload?
What will you be hauling and how much of it will you be hauling? The type of load that you plan to haul will, for example, determine the kind of body type that you will have for your truck.  The amount of weight that you will be hauling will determine your horsepower needs as well as the type of chassis and cab that you will need for your truck. Truck dealers generally have truck speccing software that can be used in quickly estimating the payload weights of the trucks according to your requirements.
It is also important to look at the truck frame when you are planning to buy medium-duty trucks. Frames carry the load so they ought to be very strong. In the medium duty category of trucks, the tensile strength of the frames generally lies in the range 50,000psi, 80,000 psi, and even 120,000 psi.
Gas or Diesel?
The decision on whether to go with gas or diesel engines is determined by several factors such as the annual mileage, distance of trips as well as the length of time that the truck will be in service. Diesel engines are generally more expensive and are also quite durable.
Driver Consideration
What are some of the standard features of the cab? Does the truck make driving any easier? Due to the high driver turnover in the industry, you need trucks which are driver-friendly and that are likely to help you retain drivers for longer durations of time.
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Why You Need A Professional Car Importer

Buying a vehicle is almost everyone’s dream. It is an achievement that most are often very proud about. Getting the best choice of vehicle is however not as easy as it may seem. Besides the financial matters, there are practically a lot of issues that you have to bear in mind to help you come up with the best choice of vehicle. You may either choose to import Skyline GTR or to buy one from your dealer. Whatever your choice is, it comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

When you would like to get the best quality vehicle, it is often advisable that you opt for Japanese imports. They have quite a lot of advantages over the one that you buy from your local dealer. Many have however often shied away from these imports due to the processes that are involved. To avoid all the complicated stuff that you may be required to deal with, you should probably just consider hiring the services of a professional importer. There are basically quite a lot of reasons behind why you need the services of these experts. Among some of these reasons are:

                                                                Sourcing the vehicle

One of the major problems that you will face when you intend to import Skyline GTR is accessing the vehicle of choice. When it is your first or second time importing, you are bound to find sourcing the vehicle quite challenging. This is where the experts come in. The professional car importers will begin by sourcing out the vehicle that you need. All that you will be required to do is to give them the specifications of the vehicle that you would like to import. This will help save you all the worries that you would have had to endure had you resorted to source the vehicle by yourself.


After sourcing the vehicle, you will need to establish whether or not it is in a good condition before commencing the importation processes.  There is some amount of knowledge and skill that is required to help you determine the condition of the automobile. When you resort to professional help to import Skyline GTR that you need, this will be a problem under the bridge. They will ensure that the vehicle is in perfect condition. It is only after they are convinced that the vehicle is exactly as you need it will they commence the import procedures. Check out Auto Project.

                                                                They are experienced

You will also find the services of these professionals hand given the fact that they are experienced in it. There are basically a lot of papers that need to be handled to facilitate Japanese car imports. With the experience these professionals have in the industry, you can rest assured that they will take care of literally every procedure involved and hand you your car within a very short period of time.

As can be clearly seen, acquiring the services of the car importers Melbourne has to offer comes with numerous advantages. It would therefore be prudent for you to consider hiring their services for your next import.