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Getting The Right Office Chairs

Work is classified into two broad areas: blue collar jobs and white collar jobs. Offices are the first term that comes to mind when you think of white collar jobs. For the jobs that require office space, furniture is a term too common. Office chairs are one among the many types of furniture found in the office. Chairs are so important such that they are the first type of furniture you plan on acquiring whenever you think of setting up an office. You should as a result make sure you look out for the following qualities during their acquisition.

Back rest

Many people working in offices are likely to suffer back pains. You may think it is because of the long hours they spend seated on their desks. What you may not be aware of is, it could be as a result of poor quality chair. Look out for office chairs whereby your back is supported during any movement. Ensure also that the back of your seat is adjustable to accommodate the several sitting positions.


A chair that keeps tipping is not only uncomfortable but it could also result to serious injuries. Make sure then that the seat you select for your office is as stable as possible. This could be enhanced by making swivel broad wheels. This ensures your safety even when you recline.


Office chairs should be padded and designed in a friendly way. The pads should make your movement easy without your outfit sticking on it. It should not also be made of a material that makes you feel moist whenever you stand. The design on the part behind your knees should not restrict the movement of your legs in between the legs of the chair or in front.

Seat and armrests width

This is a crucial aspect when shopping for seats too. A quality seat is one that you do not have to squeeze yourself when you sit. No matter how comfortable it could be, it’s not right. The seat should also give space between your body and your arms. This ensures that the seat is comfortable and can help you ease the tension from your head and shoulders. Comfortable arm rests will also help you do work on your table with much ease. Adjustable arm rests are most appropriate.


Bear in mind the height of the office chairs. Adjustable seats would just be right ones for an office set up. This is for the mere reason that you will require different seat height for different tasks you may be doing in the office. An appropriate seat height helps ensure that your feet lie flat on the floor, thighs horizontal and arms same level with your desk.


This refers to a combination of all the above aspects. Ensure that you test your chair before you carry it to the office. This will help you address issues as early as before you make payments for them. Do a thorough window shopping too to avoid being exploited. Your comfort in the office is paramount since it reflects even in your performance.